Đề thi thử THPT QG 2020 Anh Megabook số 3

Đề thi thử THPT QG 2020 Anh Megabook số 3

Đề thi thử THPT QG 2020 Anh Megabook số 3
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Đề thi thử THPT QG 2020 Anh Megabook số 3

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ative ideas that will establish a personality for a product in the public’s mind. Current developments in advertising increase the need for talented workers.
In the past, the majority of advertising was aimed at the traditional white family – breadwinner father, non-working mother, and two children. Research now reveals that only about 6 percent of American households fit this stereotype. Instead, society is fragmented into many groups, with working mothers, single people and older people on the rise. To be most successful, advertising must identify a particular segment and aim its message toward that group.
Advertising is also making use of new technologies. Computer graphics are used to grab the attention of consumers and to help them see products in a new light. The use of computer graphics in a commercial for canned goods, for instance, gave a new image to the tin can.
Question 15: What does the passage mainly discuss?
A. How to develop a successful advertising plan.
B. New techniques and technologies of market research
C. The central role of advertising in selling products.
D. The history of advertising in the United States.
Question 16: The word “this” in the first paragraph refers to .
A. repeatedly buying the same brand B. the most important goal
C. the quality of the product D. effective advertising

Question 17: It can be inferred from the second paragraph that advertisers must .
A. aim their message at homemakers and professional people
B. know about the people who will buy the product
C. place several ads in newspapers and magazines
D. encourage people to try new products
Question 18: According to paragraph 2, market research includes .
A. searching for talented workers
B. hiring researchers with background in many fields
C. studying television ratings
D. determining the price of a product
Question 19: The author implies that the

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