Đề thi thử Anh 2020 CCBOOK Số 6

Đề thi thử Anh 2020 CCBOOK Số 6

Đề thi thử Anh 2020 CCBOOK Số 6
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Đề thi thử Anh 2020 CCBOOK Số 6

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e that lets you view that Web pages. Internet connection is called a dial-up connection. It needs the use of your telephone to connect your computer to an Internet service. A faster type of connection is called broadband. This requires a cable or some other equipment. If you turn on the computer with a broadband connection, it connects you the Internet at a time.
Adapted from http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARPANET
Question 22: What is the main idea of the passage?
A. The Internet Explorer can be used to browse the Web.
B. The most popular Internet programs are e-mail, chatting and games.
C. Equipment is needed to allow a computer to connect to the Internet.
D. The Internet is an invention that makes sending and receiving data possible.
Question 23: The word “adopted” in paragraph 1 is closet in meaning to _ .
A. changed B. approved C. fostered D. chose
Question 24: According to paragraph 1, which of the following is true of the Web?
A. It consists of sites on which information can be enjoyed by others.
B. It allows data to be shared but not for media or games.
C. It makes the receiving and sending of e-mail possible.
D. It is limited to a certain number of computers connected to the Internet.
Question 25: The word “It” in paragraph 1 refer to .
A. data B. the Internet C. media D. Web
Question 26: All of the following are true of the Web page EXCEPT .
A. each Web page has its own Internet site
B. the Web cannot be read without software
C. every Web page has a uniform resource locater
D. Web pages contain hyperlinks that bring you to other pages
Question 27: Why does the author mention a book in paragraph 2?
A. to note a reason why the World Wide Web was created
B. to compare browsing to turning the pages of a book
C. to suggest that reading a book is better than browsing the Web
D. to provide an example of information that can be viewed on the

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